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July 09, 2004


Mark Nau

I gotta add big props to all the guys who made the swinging system happen. There was a critical time when nobody outside the team believed that complex swinging could be made fun (myself included.) Yet the team saw what it could be and insisted on trying it and getting it right. And it IS the game.

Jamie Fristrom

Oh yeah, and Mark Nau came onto the project late, but he kicked a lot of ass then, turning a bunch of unconnected missions into a game, balancing the macro-game, and doing the tutorial.

Markus Friedl

sad to hear the rumors about the recent layoffs... :(
in case it's really true (and it really looks like it)... good luck to everyone let go...

M to the Vizza

Toby was really the PS2 systems guy, Leo was the graphics programmer for Xbox & PS2. Xbox systems was sort of a amalgamation of Joe, Toby and myself all peering at it a little bit over the course of dev.

And fear not, Bryan's work onthe particle system is not for naught (uh...), his core work is being integrated into our new system.



There are a few more names which deserves to be there:
Shawn Baird who did the animation programming, two more console graphics guys, Florent Gluck and John Allensworth, that made this game solid on Xbox and GameCube, Malkia Stavev for all about sound programming and some low level file and streaming stuff (even that he extremely redesign the systems), Christian Diefenbach for various things like video streaming and profiling and myself for designing and implementing the tools for graphics art pipeline.

All the above listed are from the Treyarch technology team and we handle all the projects in the company so we are not directly related to the making of the Spiderman game BUT the game will not be what it is without the totally new animation and graphics engine we developed.

Jamie Fristrom

And Krassi was the technology-side tools programmer and our artists loved him for making their jobs easier.


Much proper respects to all involved indeed. Nothing to just. Just 'thanks'.

Mark DeLoura

Congratulations on a great game, guys!

Rich Bisso

Let's not forget Jamie. His experience, of course, was invaluable to the team. That said, I believe Jamie's most important contribution was to the little guy on the team. Over and over, he would say, "A hobbit *can* contend with the will of Sauron," pressing us to pursue our ideas or trains of thoughts. Where, normally, a person who is relatively low in the official decision-making chain would become intimidated by the sheer size of the project, we pressed forward with our ideas, for better or for worse, and, most importantly, took ownership of the project. I really can't emphasize how important it is that each and every person takes ownership in the game, and Jamie's encouraging attitude was a big part of the reason behind that aspect of our success.

Add to that his even-handedness and honesty in a relative position of respect and power and you get not only a person who contributes a ton to the project, but who is also a great role model to the rest of us. I know that more than a few of us felt that way. Thanks, man.


Greg Taylor is definitely fantastic. Not ever have I seen streaming with such quality, and no load time at all.

Everyone who did the swinging also deserve developers of the year award. Thank you for creating such a realistic and fantastic swinging system. Once again, thanks greg for the button two line system (I acutally ponder how it works when there were only tiny bit of info on the game).

Thank you, tomo, for not dumbing down the game. I did notice that the impact effects for taking a hit has been changed since last year's E3 though.

Michael Vance, awesome camera system. Not once have I encountered any problems with the camera on the outside.

James Zachary, excellent excellent animations that you did there. Spider-man 2 wouldn't feel this good without you.

Without spamming the thread with thank you notes, I'm going to stop here. But nevertheless, thanks again to everyone for their great efforts.

PS. Hans Wakelin, I love you and hate you at the same time for the insane challenges. They truly are insane.

Btw, mind if I ask, who did the demo 3 for the ps2 version? The guy is NUTS!

Greg Taylor

I believe the one doing the PS2 Demo was Hans. He's living proof that developers know how to play their own game. That boy's got mad skills.

Paul Du Bois

Greetings from Double Fine :) I'm neither a headhunter nor in the list, but I read it with interest anyway. I'd give props too but unfortunately I've been too busy to play anything recently :-/

I just happen to be in the middle of tweaking some anim compression code right now; any chance Andrei or Paul would like to share the high-level details of the algorithm?

I've got 2 simple ones in now -- 'greedy' scans keys once from start to finish, dropping keys if the new anim still fits an error threshold. 'maxerr' starts with just the endpoints, adding keys at the point of maximum error. I'd try more, but I can't think of anything more clever. What I thought was just proof-of-concept looks like it'll be what we ship with!

Paul Du Bois

Oh, and I should also say that you have a very nice blog. I found it from Ron Gilbert's, which I started reading after he put up funny pictures of Tim Schafer. So, hi!

Jamie Fristrom

Sure Paul - got an e-mail?

Paul Du Bois

It's username "dubois", hostname "doublefine.com". I also lurk on gdalg and gd-sweng. Thanks!


Chad Proctor isn't from Florida, is he? If he did, I may have gone to UWF with him.

Rich B.

Lol, kinda late in coming, but that is the same Chad P. From UWF!

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