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May 11, 2004



Congratulations! It looks fantastic and really makes me want to play the game.
Is it from the Xbox version?

As an aside, thanks for the plug for Beyond Good & Evil. I've just finished it and owe you, in part, for very pleasureable moments.

Robert 'Groby' Blum

Congratulations! That looks great! It might be the first movie license game I'm actually buying :)


*sniff* Good comic-licensed games... I love you people.

Markus Friedl

looks awesome! congrats!

Sören Höglund

That does indeed looky pretty spiffy. I might even overcome my intense dislike of superheroes and pick it up, since I've gotten myself a sparkly new GameCube.

Saul Bottcher


The idea of roam-and-fight-crime gameplay fits perfectly with the comic-book Spidey. Looks like there are some cool acrobatic moves too (also essential). Congratulations!


Looks very interesting -- GTA for the good guys! :-)

Scott Macmillan

Nice! The game looks very good, and it looks like a nice, clear marketing message too. Congrats.

Martin Donlon

Woohoo! Someone is going to buy the Gamecube version!

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