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May 15, 2004


Sören Höglund

Asking for *more* crates? Clearly, Nazi Boy's mindset is beyond human comprehension.

I still need to pick up Sands of Time. I absolutely loved the demo.


Hmm from what I played of SoT, I found the fighting bits to be quite annoying. It was very much, "play 5 minutes of that other game before you continue".


If I have to punch, or push-around/jump-on, more crates.... I'm just gonna cry. Honestly. Just bawl like a baby.

And what's with the Nazi thing? I saw a guy with what I'd call the 'Hitler haircut' the other day. *shudder*

Oh, and if you Google "Republic Commando" you get 103k. The 's' was the killer, it seems.

Scott Macmillan

I'm not sure that "republic commando" will be getting you anything resembling a real gauge of the video game's exposure... there are most likely tons of links out there on Republic commandos from the various tabletop RPGs and previous video games. No?

Jamie Fristrom

Oops. Commando. My bad. Time for some revisionist history. (Now, if they *had* named it Commandos plural, it might have been easier to get the message out what the game is about...)

Brett Douville

You only play one Republic Commando. For an analog, note that it's not called "Full Spectrum Warriors", and as a counter-analog, note that you play three different characters in "Mercenaries".

Granted, Republic Commando Squad Leader is more descriptive and accurate, but it's also too long, especially when you plop Star Wars: in the front of it.


E3 was very disappointing this year. Very little new for PC gaming (Doom3 and Halflife again, but no Duke Nukem thankfully) The console side had some decent stuff, but it seemed very much a holdoff year as next year we'll be inundated with PS3 and Xbox2 sillyness.

I did like the spidey booth, too bad everyone was drooling over the warcraft movie.

I think E3 is on it's way out as our main avenue for disaplying new products. Back when magazines were most people's connection to e3, it may have been worth it, but with more and more gamers getting their info from the net, and so much stuff there at the show, it's easy to see how numerous good games get overlooked. Personally, I dont think the expenses people pay out for a good e3 demo really equates to better sales anymore. Hype can be generated faster, and much cheaper with just some good internet exposure. I think we all would agree it would be better for the team to not have to worry about trying to polish a demo for e3 and instead work towards a more important goal for the finished game.

Jamie Fristrom

Ok, well, Brett's put more thought into it than I have.

On the "no E3 demos" front I'm not sure I do agree. Getting your game to a highly polished, showable state midway through development is a very useful stage in production, so if the price is expensive, it's a price you should pay anyway. And although being on the show floor may not be that useful, spending the cash to book a room near the show that you invite magazines to is a very high bang-for-buck thing. (Pioneered in the old days by the Infocom guys.)

Gideon S

I kind of figured that E3 was as much for large corporate buyers as anything. That's what all those suits walking around with notepads asking lots of questions are aren't they?

Jamie Fristrom

So I was checking when *Siren* is actually going to come out...and it's already out. And getting mediocre reviews. I'm going to buy it anyway. So...at least E3 made me notice a game that otherwise would have slipped under my radar. Why they were showing a game that's already out I have no idea...

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