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March 12, 2004


Brian Krueger

I'm surprised that this was controversial at Treyarch. It makes perfect sense to me.

My company is an interesting mix - we have czars who all answer to the "rock star" in the end. As we've expanded, we've been working to further empower everyone on the teams to take more ownership/responsibility. The results have been nothing but positive. It helps that our "rock star" sees the value in this, and has been willing to loosen the reigns.

Bottom line - your people are not idiots! Give them a chance to really kick ass!

Martin Donlon

I usually consider "rock star" to be a derogative term. Someone with an exceptional skill level but without the experience or personality to apply it in the right way. Certainly not someone who should be holding the reins.

kevin pasko

i found this link by googling myself after hearing a story about it on KCRW. i dont participate in blogs and would appreciate not using my name for any reason without my prior knowledge.


This one time, I emailed Ernest W. Adams and I called him "Ernest" and he got all huffy and said something like "*I* would never address a *stranger* by their *first name*."

Man, what a Kevin Pasko.

Ernest W Adams

Sir! I insist you stop invoking my name in such a casual manner. You are obviously an obsessed individual. I suggest this blog avoid the use of proper names in the future as doing so may provoke Derek Smart to taunt it again.

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