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February 25, 2004


Jamie Fristrom

This is me, testing the comments. The biggest complaint with the old blog was the comments. So that was the number one feature I was looking for in a new blog system. The first thing I looked at was Joel Spolsky's CityDesk, because he's one of my heroes. He has comments on his site so I assumed his software supported them. It doesn't. Which surprises me: he's written articles endorsing bloatware, and articles endorsing subscription based software, and here's this product -- TypePad -- that has CityDesk beat in both areas. Or maybe CityDesk does something cool that I don't know about.

Mark Nau

Great. Now where am I supposed to not post?

Martin Donlon

The colors are 10x better. The comment system seems simple, perfect. No popup windows on stuff.
Now, stop crunching and get posting.


Yeah, post already. Sheesh man. Get your priorites... crooked.

But yeah, dig the stylee and such.

Jamie Fristrom

Do you want an honorary membership so you can not post here? You can always continue not to post at the last one...


great sight! MIASL is not enough. more posting about coping through the tortures of gamedev managerial practices plz! maybe more about the scheduling and structuring of a chaotic design process. thx

BTW after reviewing master-joel's fogbugz, we found we did not like it as much as our previous bugtracking software. wonder if it had something cool that we overlooked.


I like it. It's definitely a big improvement, although I'm getting some unintended formatting behavior: the sidebar extends up into the titlebar (I've noticed this on, too), and there's a haphazard separating line. Here's a pic.

Also, I'm not too big a fan of the large Verdana font, and I think the sidebar could use less line-spacing.

I'll second Martin on the colors.


Whoops, here's the URL to the pic, as the link got stripped out of my previous post:


Yay! You're back.

Scott Miller

Ahhhh.... Much better comments section. ;-)

Chris Busse

I'll take you up on the honorary position so I can fail to post.

It's funny, first I got busy, then I got lazy, then it was Jamie's blog and I didn't want to intrude. Better this way, but if you want a guest blogger on rare occasion, I don't mind.

Chris Busse

Oh yeah, I'll chime in on your first blog too. So, is sound so beneath you notice of game dev that you neither include it as something you will talk about nor exclude it as in-bounds?

Sound in games: A table stands great on three legs, so why do we mostly use four?


>Chris Busse
>Sound in games: A table stands great on three legs, so why do we mostly use four?

Funny, I thought story was the fourth leg? Or are games so advanced they have many extra legs?

Nathan McKenzie

Woo hoo! Now I can post off topic replies and not feel unduly impeded in the process!


Oh, and Jamie - have you ever thought about collecting or collating any of your posts and observations and putting them somewhere more accessible or searchable? There have been quite a few times that I've wanted to refer someone to your blogs specifically to look at some of your game mechanic analysis (like your PoP notes, or your Deus Ex notes, or you Zelda:OoT notes), and... well, I feel kind of awkward saying, "No, really - just sift through the last half a year of archives and you'll see some great obvservations!" Just a thought - I feel like lots of great thoughts and observations on here just sort of sift away :/


At the risk of contributing something useful, use Google. That's what I was told, and it works!

Just put in [ "Prince of Persia"] and the likes. Minus the brackets of course, I just used them for clarification.

Matthew Wiggins

As a long time lurker I'll take the chance to say hi and thanks for the blogs on GameDevLeague and the Gamasutra column.

Again, the colour scheme is a massive improvement on this new site. The white-text-on-dark-background never made for the most easy reading experience.

Looking forward to the next blog/article :).

Scott Macmillan

Good times. Things are looking good, still hoping you guys get un-crunched soon.

Markus Friedl

biiig improvement! definitely gotta agree to the other guys (and yeah...especially the comments... ;) mission accomplished then I'd say)...

I'm looking forward to your upcoming entries here on GameDevBlog (although personally I liked gamedevleague... :( )

Markus Friedl

and yeah.. guess I should probably think about making that move to typepad as well...

Rich Bisso

V. nice, Jamie. I'm almost convinced about making the switch.


Nobody else has the formatting errors that I do? Odd....

Jamie Fristrom

I have them to some extent - the sidebar's off by a pixel, and it has those lines. Actually, I kind of like those lines. Maybe that's why I'm not an artist.


I could be wrong, but it seems that the 'About Me' link is causing the over-lapping. If you change your font to 'largest' it's offset more than a pixel. So if you dropped it I think you wouldn't have a problem at all.

But that perforated look? I got no clue. Wouldn't look bad at all if it was regular.


Just realized that the line only occurs next to sidebar titles. Must be a border-right setting.

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