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March 12, 2005



"If firing your gun at a non-zombie in RE4 is the most atomic loop in the game..."

Well, I think that moving the joystick (or mouse) and seeing your camera/aim move is the most atomic loop in a shooter. Pressing a button to fire the gun is a slightly larger loop. Combining these two things to get your cursor over (or nearby) an enemy and firing (not to mention hitting him) is a bigger loop (or in my own personal terminology, a compound-challenge).

I guess my point is that a "successful loop" doesn't have to be a "win" or a "kill". The success can be the feedback to the player that he did something rightish... I know I still get a thrill seeing Mario run around on the screen, just KNOWING that it's ME controlling him.

(But I think Cliff is way on the right track!)


> I know I still get a thrill seeing Mario run around on the screen, just KNOWING that it's ME controlling him.

you must be REALLY easy to impress with games :)
I know what you mean though, I think Mario (64 espescially) really nailed the whole 'movement-is-fun' thing. I used to just run around and see how high I could jump, or see if I could complete an entire level without stopping moving once while playing that. When I got Epona (the horse) in Zelda:Ocarina of Time, I sopent about an hour just riding around jumping over fences, the moving was so fun in that game.



Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about! The entire first "level" of Super Mario 64 is just a playground for the player to have fun BEING Mario. There's not a single enemy in the area, and if I remember correctly, you had to work pretty hard to drown in the moat around the castle.

And maybe I am easy to impress... but I really do enjoy the fun, simple pleasures in video games. I'd play a game like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time non-stop if it didn't have the lame combat in it. Oh wait, that's called Ico.



Funny, the looping thing is what I did my design talk on this year. :) SHould be posted shortly...

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