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March 09, 2005



Maybe someone taped your talk and you could post a vidcap? *nudge nudge*

Slides would be cool too though:)

GDC is one show I need to go to, E3 is just too much glitz and very little substance anymore, and SIGGRAPH isnt my field.

Oh well, hopefully next year I can convince whoever I'm working for to send me out:)

Paul Du Bois

In case my mail doesn't make it through your spam filter -- I didn't get your cell # correct and the innovation session ran long, but drop me a line and we can try again Friday evening.

Rob Stevens

E3 was never really the place to be once you're in the industry, except to get a hands-on feel for what the competition is doing. E3 is all about the press, and as a member of the press, E3 is one of those "mandatory" things that we just have to do. I loved E3 the first year I went (back in '99), but that was mostly because I met some incredible people, including Miyamoto. As I drift more and more back into the development side of the industry, it's clear that GDC is the place to be, when it comes to generating relationships. E3 gets all the hype, as well it should, but from this perspective, I can't see why a developer would waste time on it unless they were (forced to be) showing off a product.

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